Note The Following Before Buying Futsal Ball

One of the most popular games in the world is futsal. This futsal game is a ball game played by a group that has 5 members. The majority of these games are done in the indoor field, but choosing the best futsal ball is a thing you should not miss before playing futsal. There are many brands of futsal balls on the market, including Miter, Molten, Mikasa, Adidas, Nike, Proteam, etc. But for the original futsal ball, it has its own standard rules related to the material and its size. For that before buying you must choose best futsal ball 2018 as follows and of course in accordance with the budget.

1. Pay attention to materials and standard ball sizes

Generally, on the best futsal ball listed 2 types of writing that are approved and inspected, you can choose an approved cause in the official ball game can be used as a standard ball. For material and the standard size of futsal ball are:

– The material, Material can be made of leather or other material that does not cause harm. Usually, the best futsal ball is made of synthetic material and leather. Generally, its ball of synthetic material is more easily obtained than the ball of leather. Even so, the ball of synthetic material has a quality that is not much different from the ball of leather.

– Size, The original futsal ball has a different size with a soccer ball. Generally, futsal ball has size 4 medium soccer ball has size 5. To know the size of the ball, you can see on the surface of the ball written numbers 4 or 5.
But you have to be careful because there are manufacturers that do not include the size of the ball on its surface. When this happens, do not hesitate to ask the seller about the size of the ball you want to buy.

– Weight, Weight of standard futsal ball weighs 0.4 to 0.44 kg.

– Circumference, Standard futsal ball has a standard circumference of about 62 to 64 cm.

2. Note the opening (bladder and cover)
Bladders and covers are an important part of the best futsal ball to watch out for. The surface of the ball is generally made of materials such as Polyurethane (PU), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and rubber. The ball that is coated with PVC surface is usually more durable and has a lighter weight. The ball made of polyurethane has a good quality because it is resistant to water exposure and durable, while the ball made of rubber material is perfect for playing with friends and workouts.

3. Note the hardness of the surface

The surface hardness of the latest futsal balls can have an effect on comfort when the futsal ball is used. Usually, futsal balls are made using sewing techniques will be more tender. These advantages make the ball less painful when it comes to the body and makes the ball easier to control.