Softball Game

Softball is a team ball sport consisting of two teams. Softball game born in the United States, created by George Hancock in the city of Chicago in 1887. Softball is the development of similar sports such as baseball or hardball. If you are looking for a softball bat, you can visit softball bats 4u and find out which bat is right for you.

The current softball ball is 28-30.5 cm in diameter; the ball is thrown by a pitcher and a target player who hit the opponent (batter) using a bat. There are a defensive squad and an offensive team. Each team competes to collect the number (run) by circling the three series of the runner’s base to touch the final home plate.

If in the inning of both the tied team or the tie-break, an additional inning is played until one of the teams exits as a winner. At the start of the game, the home team gets the turn throw, while the visitors come on the beat.