List of Foods to Help Build Muscles

Muscle is one of the things that men pay attention to in general. They want to look handsome so do a lot of sports that can build muscle. However, not to miss which is also very important note in support of muscle formation is the intake of nutrients as food cells in the muscle. Muscle cells need nutrients as energy to perform activities. Not only are proteins much-needed by muscle, carbohydrates and fats are also needed to support muscle formation. These three macro nutrients are indispensable muscles for growth. In addition, you can visit our website and join with Bodybuilding forum to increase your knowledge of body building.

Muscle forming does indeed need protein, but …

When you want to build muscle, you will eat more foods that contain high protein. However, the protein the body needs is as much as 10-35% of total calories. Muscle formation does not require additional protein intake. Research shows that a large amount of protein intake, more than the body needs, is useless and can actually harm the body. Some food sources of protein that can help muscle formation are:

– The egg is one source of good protein for the body. This protein is very useful for muscle growth. However, eggs also contain cholesterol in their egg yolks. 0.5 grams of leucine amino acid in eggs is a good source of energy for muscles. Leucine is the most important amino acid in muscle formation.

– Beef is the best food for muscle formation. Meat contains essential amino acids, vitamin B, and creatin which can increase muscle mass. However, choose beef that does not contain a lot of fat.

– Chicken also contains a good protein for muscle growth. Chicken contains less fat than beef. However, you should still choose chicken meat that contains less fat. Better still if served in a way boiled not fried, because the oil in fried chicken increases fat intake is not good for the body.