Buying sunglasses for round and square faces

If you are categorized into this type of face with the characteristics of powerful jaw muscle and wide cheekbones, frames with a rounded model or aviator match the shape of your face. For you who have this Character and Shape of the face; the larger the frame the better. Instead, sharp face shape should choose glasses with smaller size or medium. The same rule goes for the best elliptical reviews.

Square frames with more blunt ends are another alternative for those with square faces.

However, be sure to choose the frame with the minimum detail so as not to cover the Character and Natural Shape of your face.

Round Face Form (Circle)

Unlike the square face shape, with rounded face shape, you should add as much detail as possible.
Make your cheeks look thinner with frames that are slightly wider than your face.

Frames with a pivoting model can help you expand your temples and make your face look longer.

Look for the frame that can provide various sizes, and for a round-faced Buddy choose the largest size. Avoid rounded frames and choose frames with a more solid tip to create a silhouette on your face.