4 Tips for motivating yourself to go to the gym

one of the activities that require high spirits is to go exercise to the gym. Maybe the intention you’ve made before is so big and sure. But, when suddenly the spirit is gone, then the intentions made before will be futile and lead to a failure to run the activity. Well, to fight or avoid the sense of laziness, we will love powerful tips for you who like lazy when you want to exercise to the gym. The following tips that are recommended for gym goers !

1. Drinking coffee

Not without reason to drink coffee is used as a way to make the spirit appear, because like there are similarities between coffee with sports. Drinking coffee will usually make you become excited and pounding, it also happens when you do sports. The condition in fitness terms is called “fat burn mode” or fat burning zone, so the condition is very enthusiastic to exercise. However, to note is to drink coffee is recommended 30 to 45 minutes before doing sports and do not drink coffee using added sugar and whipped cream.

2. Prepare the items to be used

Never forget to prepare the items to be carried and also used. Prepare a day before or when the night before bed, it is useful to avoid to forget what it wants to do the next day. Most causes of failure are due to unpreparedness and too rushed sequencing, so the spirit for exercise to be lost.

3. Neat and clean

Eliminate minded if going to the gym, the condition in a state of smell or messy is okay. Remember! The gym is a public area where many others will be in it too. Since the condition is not neat or clean, it will make you feel uncomfortable while you’re exercising. Either because the body odor that smells very bad or even appearance that looks less okay so it lowers the confidence.

4. Eat before exercise

Try before going to the gym you first eat 1 or 2 hours before going to go exercise. Its function is the food can be digested first, so when exercise does not feel nauseated. And also do not eat until too full.