The days before the internet shows up in our lives

Who is here who used to hunt for special posters published by magazines or tabloids? Jaka often does it. In fact, you may also include people who put some interesting pieces either pictures or articles from magazines or tabloids on walls or books. Is the exclamation not it? In fact, you would be proud if you have a large collection of magazines at home. Since there was the internet, Jaka never bought magazines. So there are no exciting things to cut and a collection of pride in the room. Meanwhile, if it’s hard for you to get the internet access in your area, just check out the internet rural services.



Watch TV with family

You must have experienced, during weekends or school holidays together with family to watch TV in the living room.

A moment like this will make the bond with the family more closely because it can joke and laugh at the entertainment seen together. Now? Instead of watching TV with your family, you may prefer to stream content from your favorite channels on YouTube. If you watch TV with family, you must be busy checking meds or replying to messages in the chat application.

Waiting for the Postman to deliver the mail

In the past, when sending a letter, you had to go to the post office, close the envelope with glue and wet the stamps with a lick. After sending a letter, you days or even months waiting for a reply.

Do not you miss the activity of waiting for the reply letter delivered by the Postman? Now all letters can be replied quickly via email. For the hobbyist of correspondence and philately, it must be very missed.