Visit Some of These Places If You Been to Miami

If you are planning to visit Miami, then you should go to some of these attractions. By visiting some of these attractions, you will get a fun and different experience. In Miami, you can even rent a car at By renting a car, you are not afraid of being left behind by public transport or anything else.

There are several choices of attractions that you can go to in Miami, some of which are

1. South Beach

This is a great place to breathe fresh air ala beach. If you want to sunbathe, this beach can also be the best choice for you.

2. Miami Seaquarium

This is an outdoor aquarium located in the center of the city of Miami and Miami beaches. Many animals are presented there, such as turtles, and various other animals.

3. Coral Castle

This place is located in Miami and Florida. visitors will be fascinated with the architecture that is there because it is very detailed and so beautiful.