Tips for Choosing Sexy Lingerie Match Body Shape Women

Lingerie is a mandatory dress for married couples because sexy lingerie lace can support the appearance of women in the eyes of their partners. Although it is not the age of dating again, keeping the appearance in front of the couple is very important because most men dream and want a beautiful visual appearance. Unfortunately, not all lingerie can be used by women, women must know how to choose the right lingerie so as not to appear strange in front of the couple. Because if one in choosing lingerie, the couple will feel not excited after seeing the lingerie that women use. Therefore, in order not wrong in choosing lingerie to see tips on choosing sexy lingerie in accordance with the mandatory body shape for women to know:

– Two Piece Lingerie For Pear Fruit Body
One of the tips on choosing sexy lingerie is to adjust to body shape. Lingerie that can be used by women is a lingerie with the two-piece model. Called the two piece because there are only two parts in the lingerie is a bra and also g-string. This two-piece model is very suitable for women with body shape pear fruit. The weakness of this pear-bodied woman is the unbalanced body part where the bottom is wider than the upper body. Therefore the right way to show sexiness is to highlight the hip section of the section.

– Apple-shaped Body
During this time many women who think if the baby doll is a nightwear not only included in the nightwear, but the baby doll is one of the lingerie that can cause the impression of sexiness. For shy women is very suitable to use this baby doll. Tips for choosing sexy lingerie for shy women is not to use regular baby doll but from satin material. Babydoll with this type is very suitable to use at night with the couple due to the material is thin and also bending, besides this lingerie can form the body perfectly. Satin material that also tends to wander or thin is also able to cause the impression sexy for women who use it. In addition suitable for shy women because the stomach is not exposed, baby doll satin is also suitable for use by women who have the body shape of apples. Named the apple body shape due to a larger chest circumference compared to the hips.