Besides Meat, Here Are Cow’s Body Parts That Can Also Be Consumed!

Beef is the most popular meat in the world. One reason is that beef can be easily obtained. You can easily buy beef at a supermarket like Walmart. Even today you can easily check the opening hours and cover first in walmart deli hours.

In addition, there are other parts of the cow beside the meat that can be consumed. can. That part is called an organ. Well, the more curious there is anything. Let’s look at the various other parts of beef that can be consumed!

1. Heart
The texture and appearance look like chicken liver, only in bigger size. It tastes good and certainly rich in nutrients. This section can generally be found as a steak.

2. Tongue
The next unique part is the tongue. The use of tongue meat is also generally being found in steak.

That’s the other part of the cow other than meat that can also be consumed. Actually, you would be very familiar with the parts yes. But maybe just like me, you have never tried to buy and cook a certain part at home. Are you interested to try?