The Idea of a Special Room with Wooden Blinds

Well, Wooden Blinds are one of the items you want to include – and take advantage of – in your interior. There are so many ideas you can deal with when installing wooden blinds.

1. Modern and natural interior with wooden blinds

The natural interior that incorporates or uses wooden blinds, is a beautiful place to live in. To respond to the bright house desired by its owner, the interior design company StyleKoubou created a spacious floor to unite the living room, dining room and kitchen. And as an addition to the open kitchen, wooden blinds are placed in the window for direct sunlight. And the other point, the straight lines from the blinds also add a modern style to this stylish area.

2. Beneficial for lighting

Wooden blinds can also help adjust the lighting for the room, by moving the blades in the direction of sunlight. Although many choose to use curtains without a gap as a protective light, wood blinds are highly recommended for space that must remain bright as the family room. If you choose dark wooden blinds for the interior like this, then you will also get a security effect at the same time.

3. Secure privacy

Yes. Wood blinds can also maintain the privacy of your room by protecting the view from the outside while keeping the lighting and ventilation. For example, you do not have to worry about peering by adjusting the angle of the bar to the height of the building or your neighbor’s house. And it could be said wood blinds are the best interior item for large windows like this.

4. Color variations

Wood blinds also have a variety of colors. If you want to show a bright interior, then choose wooden blinds with bright colors that can reflect light well, and make the interior to shine. While on the other hand, dark colors in the bedroom and study or workroom, will provide a calming effect.