Use the lock breaker tool to open your jammed door

How to fix the next door lock the next jam is using a breaker tool. Upload your key using the key breaker tool. This tool you can buy in locksmith You. Before you break into your house key, it helps you learn first how to use your breaker tool. Just remember not to do this tips for crime, and you can always call the trusted locksmith service if you don’t want to do it on your own.

Insert and turn the key breaker into the lock house, directing the piercing to the key house pin. Do it until the key is loose and can be opened.

If you do not have a key breaker, you should use your own key cracker. Use clamps, scissors or pliers made of aluminum or metal that are the hard and strong texture for the leverage or prying of the key. Do breaking the key with the same step with the first point that was ya You.